Corgi Butt Mousepad

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🐾 Ergonomic Corgi Mousepad

After being at home or at work, our wrist can't help being sour if we stay in front of the computer all day. These cute and comfy corgi butt mousepad will make your life easier. It's soft, and will reduce the stress while using the mouse, a true support for your wrist !

They are :

 → Super soft
 → Super Squishy
 → Very comfortable
 → Very fitting for all hands

🎁 The perfect gift

Surprise your loved one with the perfect mousepad. They won't help but break into a smile by how cute and soft it is ! Whether is it for your significant other, your child, your friends or your family, this item will delight every PC user !

📋 Description

Product: Mousepad
Material : Rubber, Cloth, Silica Gel
Size : 260*215*32mm

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