Panda Heating Gloves

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🐼 A cute panda heating gloves
This irresistible panda gloves will warm your hand in this cold weather while you're at home or at work. Perfect if you have freezing hand and can't type properly or just want a little more heat !

They are :
 → Super soft
 → Very comfortable
 → Very fitting for all hands
 → Warm

How to put it ?

 → Put the glove
 → Connect it
 → Insert the USB
 → Wait for it to heat your hand then take it off when it's warm enough !

🎁 The perfect gift
Surprise your loved one with the perfect hand warmer. They won't help but break into a smile by how cute and soft it is ! Whether is it for your significant other, your child, your friends or your family, this cuddly toy will delight everyone and for all occasions !

📋 Description

Product: Heated Gloves
Material : Cotton
Voltage: 5V 
Power: 2.5W 
Power Supply: USB Charging                 
Quantity: One pair (2 pieces of gloves)
USB Cable Length: 125cm

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