The Pig Family Plush

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🐷 Squishiest and laziest (p)ig family
The pig family got a one little sister, one big brother, one dad and one mom. And you know what they all love ? Being lazy, eating and resting tons. The little sister (40 cm) is a bit more playful while the brother (50 cm) is more on the protective side. The mom (60 cm) is loving and even come with a blanket and hand warmer (only her) while the dad (75 cm) just watch over them all and will let you use him as support for rest ~ 

They are :
 → Super soft
 → Very comfortable
 → Very loving
 → Filled with cotton fiber, it does not deform and will quickly return to its original shape.

🎁 The perfect gift
Surprise your loved one with the perfect and cuddliest plushy ever. They won't help but break into a smile by how cute and soft it is ! Whether is it for your significant other, your child, your friends or your family, this cuddly toy will delight everyone and for all occasions !

📋 Description

Features: Soft to the touch, non-toxic, handcrafted from quality soft material
Size: 40, 50, 60 and 75 cm  (Measurements may be a little off by 1-3 cm due to the our PP cottons fillers)
Material : Cotton PP
Washing: Simple and fast at 40 degrees
Type : Ultra-soft plush

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